SUCCESS Academy's Goals

The mission of SUCCESS Academy, An Early College High School, is to
  • Empower
  • Encourage
  • Engage
all students in the pursuit of academic excellence and citizenship.


Poster of Our Mission Statement

Teachers and staff believe:

  1. Provide engaging instruction
  2. Provide clear road map of due dates and expectations for parents and students
  3. Provide specific, prompt, constructive feedback to students and parents
  4. Engage in professional development to increase learning outcomes
  5. Believe that ALL students can grow and achieve academically
  6. Provide increased "response opportunities" for ALL students

Parents believe:

  1. Support students in planning and organization to complete on time assignments
  2. Support students in on time attendance
  3. Review grades and progress on a weekly basis
  4. Make financial plans for higher education opportunities
  5. Understand that real learning takes time and effort
  6. Support students in after school enrichment and tutoring.

Students believe:

  1. Turn in each assignment and turn it in on time
  2. Manage my schedule to create space for learning
  3. Understand that learning is more than reading
  4. Put forth the effort and time to learn
  5. Take notes and review these notes
  6. Take the initiative to become an independent learner