Student Opportunities

Man standing on a ladder in front of a chalkboard with an up arrow on the chalkboard

ACT Prep

Want to do well on your ACT test? We have help for that! We have specialists who are excited to train and help you raise your test score. Sometimes, by a lot!

SUCCESS students getting ready for the cardboard and duct tape boat race

Activities and Socials

There are parties, socials, events, get-togethers, etc at SUCCESS! Get to know your peers and your teachers better while having a blast!

A counselor talking to a student

Counseling Services

Take advantage of free onsite counseling during school hours. We help you schedule yourself to be the most successful.

A tutor helping a student

Free Tutoring

Teachers and staff are here every day after school to help you succeed. Get help with your classes, homework, and even ACT and other test preparation.

SUCCESS's honor society students wearing 3D glasses

Honor Society

If you're the type of student who is always working hard to get good grades, you may want to consider joining our Honor Society.

SUCCESS students at a computer at code camp with dozens of empty soda bottles and candy wrappers around them.

Other Opportunities

SUCCESS offers so much! Code camps, math olympics, science olympics, etc. What's your favorite subject? There is an opportunity to make it even more enjoyable.

SUCCESS students, each holding several award certificates

Scholarship Help

Having trouble finding the right scholarships to apply for? Let us help you! We're always on the lookout!

SUCCESS students, each holding several award certificates

Scholarship Opportunities

Students who complete the requirements at SUCCESS while keeping their grades up automatically qualify for the New Century Scholarship which is $5,000 towards any Utah College or University! Additional scholarship money may be available with the Regents Scholarship which is for students with exceptional grades while at SUCCESS.

SUCCESS students doing experiements with soda cans in the science room with safety goggles on.

Science Fair

Be involved in the Science Fair like never before. Some of the best exhibits in the state come from SUCCESS Academy students. Be on the cutting edge and take advantage of the help our professors give.

A girl on the right smiles as other class members in the background are studying or doing science experiements

Smaller Class Sizes

More hands on, more attention, more learning. That is what SUCCESS can offer to you.

SUCCESS students in the Canyon View Marching Band march down the street.

Stay Involved with Extracurricular Activities

Think you have to quit what you love to be involved in SUCCESS? Think again. Most of our students are highly involved in their boundary school's extracurricular activities. Band, football, basketball, soccer, running, drama, you name it. Our students do that.

SUCCESS students all staring at a huge test tube with tons of orange foam coming out of it.

Student Clubs

Love learning about math, science, computer science, poetry or writing? We have a club for that! Come join the fun!

SUCCESS Academy's student government students pose in front of trees with spring buds

Student Government

Students, have you ever wanted to be a voice for your fellow students and peers? Have you ever wanted to make a difference? SUCCESS gives you that opportunity as a member of student government.

A female student in a classroom at her desk working on school work.

Summer Enrichment Courses

Struggling with a topic in school? Want to get ahead before school starts? Looking for something worthwhile to do in the summer? Try one of our optional Summer courses.

SUCCESS Academy students in front of the University of Louisville at a science camp

Summer Research Trips

We offer some amazing Summer opportunities at SUCCESS. Travel with your peers and teachers while learning first hand! Instead of just hearing or reading about it, DO IT!